Electric Heating

Electric boilers are growing in popularity throughout Glasgow and Scotland and have been doing so for a number of years. Electric boilers are different to traditional gas boilers and work similarly to a kettle with a unit with water running through it that is being heated via a heating element. Typically, electric boilers are long slim units specially designed to allow a maximum surface area that heats the water.

Optama can advise you on the correct type of electric boiler to suit your needs. We can provide heat only electric boilers which are extremely cost effective and allow for heat and hot water to be managed individually. Combination electric boilers manage both your home’s heating and hot water from a single system.

Why Choose an Electric Boiler?


  • Electric boilers save money and energy, as they are extremely efficient losing almost no energy when converting the electricity into usable heat. An electric radiator will turn 1 kWh of electricity into 1 unit of heat (i.e. they are 100% efficient), gas and oil boilers won’t – even a brand new boiler will only be about 90% efficient.
  • Electric boilers are better for the environment when compared to traditional central heating systems due to the fact they are known for producing a smaller carbon footprint than traditional gas or oil boilers.
  • Many people throughout Scotland are not connected to the gas grid; this is particularly common in new flats and rural areas. Optama can install your brand new electric boiler which will result in never having to rely on oil or LPG deliveries.
  • Electric boilers are a relatively new innovation and technology is improving every day, with each year the technology gets more advanced and improvements are made when compared to traditional boiler systems.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing an electric boiler is that you can enjoy a warm home without the roar of a traditional gas boiler which can make tremendous noise when firing up. Optama has received positive feedback about the peace and quiet our customers enjoy after the installation of their new electric boiler.


A new electric boiler benefits from a digital display which shows the temperature of the water that’s circulating in the system.


During the summer, you can benefit from disconnecting the heating stem from your electric combi boiler to ensure you are not using more energy than you need.


The circulation pump of your boiler is electronically controlled meaning that even if the system is inactive for a long period of time blockages will not become a problem.

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Can I replace my boiler with an electric one?


Here at Optama we pride ourselves in replacing old and inefficient boilers with new A-Rated versions. You can replace any heating system with an electric boiler regardless of the fuel type. Bear in mind however, that as electric boilers are known for their lightweight and compact capacity they only heat up a certain amount of water at any given time. This could mean that they are not suitable for larger households who are used to using vast amount of water. Electric boilers are typically ideal for small to medium sized properties that are looking to enjoy low running costs and the pleasure of a silent heating system.

The experts at Optama have been installing electric boilers for years and guarantee a hassle free, professional boiler installation service. There is no flue involved when installing your new electric boiler meaning no gas analysis is needed which makes the process a lot faster than in comparison to gas fueled boilers.

You may require your electric boiler to heat your hot water in your property, if this is the case there are instantaneous hot water heaters that can be install quickly and easily. However, if your property has a bath it may be required for a hot water cylinder to be installed at the same time. This is no different to the traditional gas boiler and cylinders seen in multiple homes throughout Scotland.